Information on Different Types of Water Coolers

A water cooler, also called water dispenser, is usually a machine that heats up or cools water and dispenses it with a special refrigeration unit located near the tap. It is usually located near the bathroom because of closer access to water pipes. A connection to the water cooler is also available from the water cooler to the sewage system. The water cooler has a water control valve which can be used to start the heating or cooling process. There is a thermostatically controlled shut off switch for the purpose of maintaining a constant temperature of the water.

Types of Water Coolers

Water coolers have many benefits; the primary being its convenience to customers, as it eliminates the need for long trips to the water cooler store. Since these units do not require a large space, they are suitable for many office buildings and homes. This feature makes them very efficient in places where space is a constraint such as in tiny rooms, dormitories and restaurants. These dispensers can contain from one gallon to hundreds of gallons and are manufactured in different styles and sizes depending on the number of bottles needed to cool or warm water. There are also some bottleless water coolers available in the market. These bottleless coolers do not use any bottle or glass, only plastic is used for dispensing water.

One prominent feature of the bottled water cooler is its ability to filter out the dust and dirt particles from water supply. Water stored in this container is usually clear, since dust and dirt are prevented from entering the storage container. Moreover, the stored water is already cool and safe from bacteria and other microorganism that cause illnesses. However, there are disadvantages of using this kind of water cooler; the filtration of bottled water is not 100% effective as the water is usually filtered before being returned to the water source. Therefore, one should be careful with the usage of this coolers as it may not always provide clean and fresh drinking water.

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